Wanye, NJ Corporate Event Venue

Do you work or live near Wayne, NJ and want to plan an outdoor event that’s fun and enjoyable for everyone? Then you’re at the right site. At Fountain Spring Lake, we have been the finest picnic facility in the northeast since 1905 and we accommodate any group no matter how large or how small. Our motive is for us to be your “fountain of youth’ so you can feel like a kid once again. We can take you away from your daily routine and put your mind at ease with enjoyment and laughter. 

What We Offer: 

We offer an amazing 30- acre landscape facility that includes a state-of-the-art 5 pool swim complex. Our pools are heated and lifeguards are American Red Cross certified which guarantees safety and provides comfortability in the water. What makes Fountain Spring Lake so special is that we offer a variety of activities for you to choose from like softball, basketball, tennis, beach volleyball, soccer, bocce, playgrounds, ping pong, adventure ropes course, zip lines, and a 5 acre lake for boating and fishing. 

Here at Fountain Spring Lake, we take pride in our setting and service, our food is served by one of the finest caterers in New Jersey and our large eating pavilions overlook an exciting view with a 5-acre lake on one side and multiple pools on the other. Breakfast and dinner is served here and varies from barbeques to gourmet meals. Any changes in the menu can be changed as well as any dietary needs. If you’re looking to book an exclusive weekend event the start up is just at 250 people, so if you’re near the Wayne, NJ area come check us out for a tour.

Fun is in our nature so why not yours!

Let’s get you going today! Give us a call or visit our website to request a quote, we will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can. We are proud to serve the Wayne area of New Jersey. See you at the lake!