Kinnelon, NJ Corporate Event Venue

Fountain Spring Lake, less than 10 miles from Kinnelon, NJ is a perfect destination for your next corporate event, gathering, or picnic. Fountain Springs is home to 26 acres of land perfect for enjoying any outdoor activities you may desire, including sports, picnics, barbeques, swimming, and much more. Companies love hosting their events at Fountain Springs because of the wide variety of options available for making your event a special and memorable one. The venue is located at the foothills of the Ramapo Mountains and sits right on a picturesque 5-acre lake, featuring loads of picturesque views and scenery.

Our experienced staff of party planning professionals will make sure that your event includes everything that you intend it to and will ensure you enjoy your corporate event to the fullest. They will be right by your side through all aspects of the process; from deciding what activities and features your event will include to making sure everything is running smoothly on event day. If you are located in Kennelon, NJ and are looking for a venue for your next corporate event, give us a call today!

See Below for Directions to Our Corporate Picnic Destination from Kinnelon, NJ

Fountain Spring Lake is located at 234 Conklintown Road Ringwood NJ 07456