Ringwood, NJ Corporate Event Venue

Fountain Spring Lake, founded in 1905, is a great, down-to-earth facility for corporate events, family events, and more. Fountain Springs is located in Ringwood, NJ and is situated in the foothills of the Ramapo Mountains for maximum beauty. It is a family owned country club with acres of land for numerous activities, events, and ideas. People from all over travel to Fountain Springs to host corporate events, corporate picnics, and just for some outdoor adventures.

Fountain Spring Lake is the best venue to host Ringwood corporate events because of its convenient location. Many corporate events and family events are held at Fountain Springs because of its beauty, land, and activities. Many people enjoy this facility for Ringwood corporate team building, Ringwood corporate events, and much more. Fountain Springs is a great Ringwood corporate picnic destination!


See Below for Directions to Our Corporate Picnic Destination

Fountain Spring Lake is located at 234 Conklintown Road Ringwood NJ 07456